New Woodbridge Board of Directors

This month, at the Annual Meeting of the Woodbridge Board of Directors, the Woodbridge Neighborhood Reps voted on the two open seats on the Woodbridge Board of Directors. The terms for Scott Ohman and Adam Fowles had expired and there were three candidates in contention for the open positions.

After the votes were tallied by Classic Management, Scott Ohman and Adam Fowles had retained their seats for another term (Annual Meeting 2022).

The current Woodbridge Board of Directors is made up of the following Woodbridge Residents:

Scott OhmanPresident

Scott JohnsonVice President

Adam FowlesTreasurer

Jack HawkinsSecretary

David BaskinDirector

Woodbridge Neighborhood Representatives

Woodbridge is divided into eleven neighborhoods. A neighborhood representative is someone who represents the neighborhood where they live. These individuals have been elected by the residents in their neighborhood, or in some cases have been appointed by the Board of Directors.

The primary role of the Woodbridge Neighborhood Representatives is to exercise the voting rights of the residents within their specific neighborhood. Each neighborhood has one neighborhood representative for every 100 homes in that neighborhood (rounded to the nearest 100). These voting rights are exercised at the Woodbridge Annual meeting where the Neighborhood Reps vote to fill the seats on the Board of Directors that expire on three-year rotating terms.

The Woodbridge Social Committee has requested that a secondary role of the Woodbridge Neighborhood Representatives is to plan a National Night Out event in their neighborhoods. Millions of neighbors take part in National Night Out across thousands of communities from all fifty states. The State of Texas celebrates National Night Out on the first Tuesday in October (October 1st this year). Neighborhoods host block parties, festivals, parades, cookouts and various other community events with safety demonstrations, seminars, youth events, visits from emergency personnel, exhibits and much, much more.

For the last couple of years, Woodbridge has held a single National Night Out event at Stone Park. While this event has been well attended, it has been difficult to meet the people that live right around you in your neighborhood. To facilitate the community building and neighborhood camaraderie that National Night Out is intended for, the social committee has asked for the Neighborhood Reps to organize an event in each of the eleven neighborhoods that comprise Woodbridge. 

Here’s the ask for Woodbridge Neighborhood Representatives:

Show up to the Annual Meeting to elect the Board of Directors and facilitate a National Night Out event in your neighborhood.

We would love for Neighborhood Reps to be an active participant at all of the board meetings, know your neighbors, bring their questions and concerns to the Board of Directors, or assist your neighbors with questions about the governing documents and design guidelines. However, those are not requirements. Just one meeting and one event and those two things are spaced six months apart.

The Woodbridge Neighborhood Representative election this year will be on July 25, 2019, at the Woodbridge Golf Club. There are several terms expiring and there are several open positions that need to be filled. If you have not registered as a homeowner on the Woodbridge Website you can do that by clicking here. Registering on the website will ensure that Classic Management has your correct email address and will allow you access to the homeowner side of the website.

Zoom in and click on your house on the map to identify your Woodbridge neighborhood.



Woodbridge Neighborhoods – Expiring and Open Neighborhood Representative Positions

The Courts/Estates

208 Lots – 2 Reps

1 term expiring


The Vistas/Summit

330 Lots – 3 Reps

1 term expiring – 2 open positions


The Crest North

331 Lots – 3 Reps

2 open positions


The Crest South

224 Lots 2 Reps

1 term expiring – 1 open position


The Fairways

383 Lots – 4 Reps

2 terms expiring – 2 open positions


The Glen

404 Lots – 4 Reps

2 terms expiring


The Highlands

372 Lots – 4 Reps

1 term expiring – 3 open positions


The Hills

271 lots – 3 Reps

1 term expiring


The Meadows

425 Lots – 4 Reps

2 terms expiring – 1 open position


The Lakes

278 Lots – 3 Reps

3 open positions


The Parke

168 Lots – 2 Reps

1 term expiring


If your neighborhood has a neighborhood representative position available… Please consider making yourself available to fill that role in the Woodbridge community. If you just aren’t able to commit to one meeting and one event a year. Please come to the July 25th meeting and vote for who you want to represent your neighborhood for the next two years. (If you can’t make the meeting, please send your proxy vote to Classic Management prior to the July 25th meeting.)

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Classic Management, or any of the other board members. We are all here to keep Woodbridge a safe and beautiful place to live.




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