Hey Woodbridge,

I’m sorry it took so long to get this out to all of the Woodbridge residents. I’ve been out of town and the rush to close real estate transactions before the start of the school year has had me pretty busy!

We held the Woodbridge HOA Board Meeting on July 25, 2019, at the Woodbridge Golf club in the dining room and it was one of the best-attended meetings that we have had in a long time.

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The first order of business was to elect Neighborhood Representatives. The primary role of a neighborhood representative is to elect the Woodbridge Board of Directors at the annual meeting. For that election, each neighborhood rep represents approximately 100 homes depending on how many homes are in each of the neighborhoods. (Each neighborhood is allocated 1 neighborhood rep for every 100 homes rounded to the nearest 100 homes.) This year, the Woodbridge Social Committee has asked that the neighborhood reps from each neighborhood plan a National Night Out event in each of the neighborhoods. (The Social Committee has scheduled a National Night Out planning meeting for 6:30 pm August 26th at the Woodbridge Golf Club. Details are on the Residents of Woodbridge Facebook events page.)

The neighborhood rep election is held by each neighborhood voting on who they would like to represent them. For a neighborhood vote to be official, a quorum of 10 percent of the homeowners in a particular neighborhood would need to vote in person or by proxy. (For example, in the Courts/Estates neighborhood there are 208 homes. For a neighborhood rep vote to be official, 21 individual households would need to vote.) To my knowledge, we have never had any single neighborhood manage to attain a quorum at a neighborhood rep election. That trend held true for this election also.

In the case of not meeting a quorum, the board appoints neighborhood reps to fill the vacant positions. Since the inception of this community, the Woodbridge Board of Directors has had the members of each neighborhood that were present at the meeting vote for their neighborhood reps. Any written proxies that were sent to the management company have been figured into the vote and the Board of Directors has appointed the representatives that won the vote as the new neighborhood representatives.

Here is a complete list of Neighborhood Representatives:

For a map indicating which Woodbridge neighborhood you live in… go to www.WoodbridgeBlog.com.
Zoom in and click on your house.

The Courts/Estates – 208 Lots – 2 reps

Yoshikazu Kondo

Rod Franz

The Vistas/Summit – 330 Lots – 3 Reps

Brandon Norman

Christopher May

Laura Liu

The Crest North – 331 Lots – 3 Reps

Cindy Raiten

Laurie Steenis

Kirk Wood

The Crest South – 224 Lots – 2 Reps

Joseph Charles

Open Rep Position

The Fairways – 383 Lots – 4 Reps

Mark Roux

Leah Barber

Mark Ziviski

Carrie Duck

The Glen – 404 Lots – 4 Reps

Bryan Pope

Terese Davis

Vincent Prado

Alicia Morrison

The Highlands – 372 Lots – 4 Reps

Deanne Lewis

Dennis Fox

Renee Blackwell

Swapan Shah

The Hills – 271 -Lots – 3 Reps

Michael Grimes

Julia Ohman

Joseph Picard

The Meadows – 425 Lots – 4 Reps

Michael Bryson

Matt Rogers

Tammy VanBuskirk

Open Rep Position

The Lakes – 287 Lots -3 Reps

Janice Montgomery

Geoff Boyd

Matt Prestonberg

The Parke – 168 Lots – 2 Reps

Russ Watson

Matt Mormile

Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&R’s)

We also had an extensive discussion about the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&R’s) that govern Woodbridge. There has been a recent increase in the number of violation notices that have been going out to homeowners in Woodbridge. This increase immediately followed a change in the Association Manager that works for Classic Property Management. Micaela Kee is the new Association Manager and Lily Olivera is the new Assistant Association Manager. Micaela had been the Woodbridge Assistant Manager for approximately 10 years and is very familiar with Woodbridge. Lily is a new face on our management team.

When the first wave of violation notices went out after the management change… it took all of us by surprise. We have had conversations with the management team in the past about having a relaxed stance on some of the stricter parts of our CC&R’s… particularly basketball goals and trash cans. We like kids playing outside but we don’t want to see basketball goals in disrepair or blocking the streets, driveways, and sidewalks. We also understand that the garages in Woodbridge are typically not big enough to store the large trash cans inside but we don’t want the cans stored at/in the street all week either. Previous management teams have understood the guidelines that were conveyed by the Board of Directors and acted accordingly.

After the first wave of violation notices went out, the entire Woodbridge board of directors had a lunch meeting with the Association Manager and Assistant Association Manager to reiterate our stance on CC&R enforcement and provide guidelines for them to use while inspecting the neighborhood. When the next round of violations hit, we realized that we must not have done an adequate job relaying those guidelines to the management staff at Classic Property Management. (FYI: The staff of Classic Property Management are the only ones that drive the neighborhood looking for violations of the CC&R’s. The Board of Directors and Neighborhood Representatives are not asked to look for violations and DO NOT write violation notices. All notices come directly from Classic Property Management. Please be nice to your neighborhood reps!)

The board has reiterated our guidelines verbally and in writing with the Classic management staff. We have also asked them to queue all of the violations that they see and to revisit them the next time they are in the neighborhood. If the violation has been corrected, and most often they are, we have asked Classic to delete it from their system. If the violation is still there, and it complies with the guidelines that the board has given them, we have asked them to send the courtesy notice advising the homeowner that the violation has been noticed on the two separate occasions and to give them a reasonable amount of time to remedy the violation. The Board has been assured by the Association Manager that she has spoken to her team “and everyone is now on the same page.” If you receive a notice, you are always welcome to contact Classic to get more clarification on what the actual violation is if it is not clear to you or to convey a need for more time to remedy the situation. The phone number for Classic is 817-640-2064. However, the best method of contacting Classic Property Management is to email Micaela Kee at micaelakee@classicpm.com and to cc: Lily Olivera at lilyolevera@classicpm.com & Evette Roberson at evetteroberson@classicpm.com.

With the recent increase in violation notices being sent out, several homeowners attended the board meeting and expressed a desire to have some of the CC&R’s changed. The Board agreed to develop a Covenants Committee to explore the options and named Scott Johnson – Vice President as the board liaison to the covenants committee.

This committee will be comprised of 5 to 7 neighborhood reps who will be charged with understanding all of the CC&R’s, soliciting input from the other neighborhood reps and the residents of Woodbridge on changes that would benefit the entire neighborhood, and making recommendations for changes to the CC&R’s. Those recommendations would be sent out to the entire Woodbridge community for a period of questions and comments.

After the comment period, the recommendations with the responses from the community would be given to the Board of Directors for consideration. Those changes would then need to be run by the HOA attorney to make sure we aren’t violating the Texas property code or any other state or federal laws. Any changes made to the CC&R’s would also require the approval of the developer and would not be effective until filed with the county clerks of both Dallas and Collin counties.

An email has been sent to all of the neighborhood reps to see who would be interested in working on the covenants committee and the committee will be convened based on the replies to those emails.

Thank you to all of you who attended the board meeting and expressed your concerns. To those of you that stepped up as neighborhood reps… THANK YOU for offering your time to serve our community.


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