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I was having a really hard time growing grass in my front yard because of all of the shade that my trees were creating. I decided to remove two very tall crepe myrtles that were planted right next to both front corners of the house. I also trimmed the live oaks up really high so that the sun can get in under the canopies. Then the big Texas freeze hit and killed most of the remaining bushes in the front flower beds.

Bare Front Yard - FireBoss Realty

When you’re a Realtor and you’re constantly telling people how important curb appeal is… you can’t have the worst yard in the neighborhood. When you are on the Woodbridge Board of Directors… you really can’t have the worst looking yard in the Woodbridge neighborhood. So what did I do?

I called Felix Brito, the owner of #1 Ave Irrigation and Fence to get my yard fixed up.

First, Felix brought his crew in and they removed everything in the front flower beds. That may not sound like a big job but when it includes removing the stumps from two thirty foot crept myrtles… it was a job that I didn’t want to tackle. Felix had it knocked out quickly and affordably.

Once the sod at the sod farms started to green up, Felix came back out and prepped the front yard for the sod. He even removed the live oak surface roots that were all over my itty bity front yard. (I know that you aren’t supposed to remove them… Felix even warned me that it might cause damage to the trees… but I wanted them gone so that my yard would look nice and flat when the grass started to grow.) Felix brought in some good top soil to level the yard and made it look great.

Sod Prep Work - FireBoss Realty

Finished Sod Dirt Work - FireBoss Realty

Then he brought the Zoysia Palisades sod to install in the yard. According to the Texas A&M AgriLife, Zoysia Palisades is a medium broad textured high-density turf that is noted for its shade tolerance and low water usage requirements.

Installed Zoysia Palasaides - FireBoss Realty

After the new sod was installed, Felix installed a new WiFi RainBird sprinkler controller, set up the app on my phone for me, replaced a few sprinkler heads, and adjusted all of the rest of the sprinkler heads.

The yard looks great and all that is left is to figure out what plants need to go into the new flower beds.



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